Here are just some of the services we can provide:
  • Energy Performance certificates.


  • Floorplans

  • Professional quality photographs (Here are a few examples of our work)

  • Estate agency quality property details (examples are available upon request)


  • Advice of how to make your property more saleable

Before putting a house on the market, take the time to assess the property objectively - look at it first from outside, then move from room to room making notes on which areas need improving. It's a good idea to ask a friend or family member for their opinions, as it is easy to overlook problem areas when you've been living in a space for a long time.

Whatever the size and value of the property, there are some basic rules to follow that will help to maximize sale potential:

  • First impressions - before a buyer steps into a house, they would have already formed an impression. A well-kept garden, pathway and fence, plus a freshly painted front door are immediately appealing, whereas a scruffy outdoor space with a litterbin outside the front door will turn many prospective buyers away.
  • De-clutter - don't underestimate the appeal of a tidy property. Buyers can easily be turned off properties because they are disorganized. Remember, selling a home is about marketing a lifestyle.
  • Throw out the junk - use moving as a good excuse to get rid of old, unwanted and unused items.
  • Clean - dust and clean the whole house thoroughly, from cobwebs on the ceiling to crumbs and stains on carpets and rugs. Remember to wash down paintwork and clean windows. If short on time, call in a professional cleaning service.
  • Natural Colours - research shows that, despite trends in interior decorating, most buyers prefer natural, earthy colours to bright, bold shades. Although there is a wide range of paint colours available, magnolia is still the top-selling colour.
  • Paint walls - a pale, plain shade maximizes the feeling of light and space and enables buyers to imagine their possessions in the property.
  • Add a bit of colour - to prevent rooms looking too bland, use strong colours for accent walls or cushions and accessories.
  • Maintenance - it pays to keep on top of minor repairs throughout the year, rather than waiting until a job is beyond repair and in need of a complete overhaul. In the long run, regular maintenance saves money. However, if a major job needs doing, it is usually worth putting it right, as otherwise it could have a disproportionate affect on the value of the property.
  • Finish off small DIY jobs - touch up chipped woodwork and replace washers on dripping taps.
  • Lighting - the right lighting can improve the mood of a room. Choose different lights to suit each space, from down lights and lamps in the living room to task lighting in the kitchen. A room looks cosier with a few table lamps rather than bright general lighting.
  • Create a scent - it may be a bit of a cliché to bake bread or grind coffee beans just before the arrival of a potential buyer, but scent does plays an important role in creating the right impression.
  • Open windows - most buyers like the smell of a freshly cleaned and aired room. Open the windows every day to let fresh air into the house. Choose cleaning products with a natural rather than a harsh chemical smell.
  • Avoid strong food odours - don't cook foods such as fish or curry before a viewing as the smell will linger.
  • Take pets out - ask friends or family to look after pets during viewings.
  • Invest in fresh flowers and fruit - flowers and a bowl of fruit will brighten up a room and provide a pleasant smell. However, replace them regularly as rotten fruit and wilting flowers are not attractive.
  • Organize rooms - a property will be more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose and this allows buyers to see the full potential of the property.
  • Find out the maximum potential value - it's pointless spending £20,000 on improving a property if it will only add £10,000 to the sale price.
  • Never cover windows with furniture, or keep curtains drawn, allow as much natural light into each room as possible.
  • If possible rearrange the furniture in each room to make the rooms seem bigger, this will have a maximum impact.
  • Any loose carpets are a definite no! Someone trip or slip over, this would not assist you in selling your home.
  • We also carry out property valuations from a professionally qualified member of the national association of estate agents.


More services will be available soon.

Please get in touch with us for more details.

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